Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Kitchen Update

With a lot of help from friends and family we updated this kitchen on a very small budget. It was so rewarding to see how much the homeowners appreciated it. However it was a lot more work than I anticipated. It took more than three full days to complete.
We took down the wallpaper and painted. We used a little orange peel texture spray under the paint. Since we cleaned off the refrigerator, we added a cork board for notes & things. We also replaced the flimsy little table under the window with more sturdy and concealed storage.
Since the flooring is very old and likely contains asbestos, we tiled right on top with vinyl tile. It is very easy to apply. If you like the look of it, it is nice because you don't need any special tools or grout. We also replaced the table and chairs with a used set we bought, spray painted, & sealed.
We simplified by removing stickers and those tile covers. We also painted the paneling white, although the after image doesn't show it.
You can see the painted paneling and hardware replacement a little better in this image. Cleaning and de-cluttering took a lot more time than I had anticipated.
We had the sink re-enameled since it is attached to the cabinets and could not easily be replaced. That took up the majority of our budget.

After all the hardwork, I was happy to say "Yay! I Made It!"

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