Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Basic Curtains

I made some curtains for the bedroom. I got this fabric for $1 per yard at Walmart. So, for both panels it was $3!Mine have a ruffle top, if you want it straight, start with fabric that is 7 inches longer than you want your curtains and fold down 2 inches on the top instead of four. Then skip the last step.My hem is actually only 3 inches, although my directions say to make it four. For a longer or shorter hem, adjust the length of your fabric before you start sewing. I hope this gives you a little visual. Any questions?


  1. Just saw this on One Pretty Thing and I had to start following you so I can find you later on when I need this! I went to Hobby Lobby the other day to look at fabric for my daughter's room. I wasn't sure if there was a type of fabric that was better or not, but now I know I can do it! Thanks!!

  2. I have made curtains with lot's of different kinds of material. The kind I used for these is sheer. It worked fine but it was pretty delicate and stretchy compared to the regular cotton I normally use. I would not recommend anything really dark or heavy that would block out too much light.

    I have even made them out of sheets before. They have some different solid colors of twin sheets on rollback at Walmart for $3. I don't think I saw many good girly colors though though.


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