Thursday, June 3, 2010

Silly Party

I don't claim to be a party planner extraordinaire or even a good party planner for that matter but here are a few little tips I learned this time around.
Tablecloths - Sheets make great tablecloths. Seriously! They are the perfect size for long tables and this one was $4 at Wal-mart. Just make sure to get flat (not fitted sheets).

Keep it Simple - Make a list of your hopes and dreams. Then, be realistic about time & finances and par down as necessary. For me that meant not buying the bag of 100 plastic balls to throw all over the lawn (seriously what would I do with them afterward?). Fun idea though. Also, I had no time to make silly mustaches on sticks. Bummer.

Cupcakes - Don't fill cupcakes all the way to the top. It doesn't make them more fluffy on top. They just spill all over the oven.

Arranging Furniture - Think through your space. Maybe even set up chairs and tables during a practice run. I was arranging and re-arranging right before the party.

RSVP - Put an RSVP on the invite. Then you have a better idea of how many guests to plan for.

Plan Way Ahead - Try to get every possible thing that you can do early done at least 1 hour before the party. That way you can spend the last hour making sure everyone is happy and ready for early guests.

Enjoy Yourself - Don't plan too many activities, ask for help, relax, eat, take pictures... Hosting parties can be stressful sometimes but it is important to enjoy yourself too!

I know some of you are amazing party planners. Do you have any tips for us newbies?

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  1. What cute little dudes! And those are all definitely good suggestions! I love checking out your blog!


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