Thursday, July 8, 2010

Budget Decorating

Here are some tips for those interested in decorating on a budget.
Get inspired! Look at magazines, blogs, friend's houses, store displays. What do you like? What colors appeal to you? I started my room with a color palette from a paint book. It is great if you can find an inspiration piece. That is one item -- a painting, pillow, shirt, something that you really love that can help you with a color palette or style.

1. Simplify. Organize, de-clutter, and get rid of things you don't like. It is better to have an empty shelf or wall than one full of stuff you hate, right? image from here2. Rearrange furniture. It is amazing how different furniture arrangements can open up your space, make it more inviting, and give the room a pick-me-up. image from here3. Look around. You may already have something you need to decorate with. Move a piece of furniture from another room. Make a grouping of plates in the kitchen. Use toys as decorations in kids rooms. image from here4. Use nature. Twigs, leaves, pinecones... are free and naturally beautiful. Be creative. Frame leaves in a grouping or use twigs as curtain rods. image from here

Low Cost & Big Impact:
1. Use fabric. Blankets, pillows, curtains, slipcovers, and all those other fabrics can make all the difference. This is great for those who can sew! image from here
2. Use paint. It can tie a group of miss-matched frames together or change the whole feeling of a room. Have I mentioned I love spray paint? image from here
3. Create art. You can do it! You don't have to be an "artist". Find a beautiful fabric, wallpaper, children's drawing, page from an old book, scrapbook paper, or make an abstract watercolor and frame it. Maybe try a grouping? image from here

Two more random tidbits I have been taught...
1. Have a focal point. image from here
2. Try to keep most large things neutral and versatile. It makes it easier to change out and add pops of color for the season or trends you currently like. image from here

Be creative and have fun! Any questions or other tips?


  1. HEY!!
    And I love reuse.
    Thanks for sharing all this.

    Green kisses

  2. Hey Maria, thanks for stopping by.
    Any time you come back to my house, try the google translator if you want!

    green greetings


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