Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Chair Frills

In my mind, I imagine this baby shower coming together...all of these pretty shades of pink and yellow with splashes of white and orange. The only thing that is causing me to struggle is when I think of the chairs.

I am borrowing padded folding chairs from my sister. They all match and are a tan color. I am sure they will be nice and comfy and have a neutral color, but... I don't know metal folding chairs are just not as lovely as I want the shower to be. I thought of sewing chair covers. In fact, I bought some cheap white sheets and drew up a pattern. I am sure I would re-use them a million times. Then I realized, I am being completely unrealistic. I don't have time to sew 12 chair covers! So this is what I made.I got this idea from instructions here and here. What do you think? Be honest. Are they completely cheesy?
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  1. What if you tied some tulle (or a wide strip of the white sheet stuff you got) around the back of the chair and knotted it in the back then put the ruffle over the knot? Tulle is pretty cheap I think. You could let the tie part hang down the back.

  2. Good suggestion, Cris. I will have to price out tulle. At first I was going to tie the crepe paper around the chair but it just wouldn't stay up. Tulle would probably work better.

  3. you could probably put some masking tape under the tulle knot to help keep it in place.

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