Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Advent Calendars

Growing up we had an advent calendar. I'm pretty sure my mom made it. It is hard to describe...a stretched piece of cloth with a santa scene and numbers on it. Little plastic circles were next to each number. Every circle would have a candy-cane looped through it. Anyway it was so much fun!

I am thinking about creating one for my kiddos this year. Here are a few great ideas I have run across so far.
felt via inchmark

drawstring bags from uncommon

lollipop via ohdeedoh

I need your help deciding what to do. Do you love any of these? Did you have an advent calendar growing up? Do you have one now? Any to ideas to add?


  1. I love the idea of the bags with numbers! We always had one too and I think the boys are old enough this year!

  2. I just have giant (about 3 or 4 inch) wood number blocks that I turn to show the number of days until Christmas. They sit on a block base that says "The Countdown". They're modge-podged with Christmas-themed paper and have black vinyl numbers on them.

  3. We had a couple! One had the nativity scene with each character in a day pocket that you would velcro to the scene and by christmas put the star on top. (does that make sense? lol.) We also had a santa's workshop one with toys you'd velcro to a scene as well. And of course a chocolate a day one too :)

    I love all the calendars you showed! Make them all? :) I'm no help.

  4. I love advent calendars! Growing up, we wouldn't always set one up...but when we did, it would be one where each day we'd open a little cardboard door and there would be some little trinket or treat. I love these inspirations that you found...especially the lollipop one!! : )


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