Saturday, November 6, 2010

Kid's Rooms

Here are some of my favorite kid's rooms from ohdeedoh. I love how inspiring their kid's room tours are.

I am working on making our kid's room a little more fun right now. I promise pictures by December 1st. I will also have a few more projects to show you along the way.

Dallas's Vintage Modern Mix-I like the storage and playful mix of old and new.

Indigo's Hyggelig Nook-I like the cozy space and personal touches.

Noah's Sunshine Nursery-I like the alphabet print and bright, happy colors.

Anna, Natalie, and Emily's Sew Fun Room-I like the fun and interactive nature of this room.

Polly's Happy Place-I like the simplicity, gender-neutral colors, and coziness.

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  1. Oh, I love all of them!!! Makes me want to go paint some of my rooms!


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