Monday, January 10, 2011

Bored Kids?

I found out that the #1 reason why kids misbehave when you are out & about is...BOREDOM! Makes sense, right? You're looking at clothes or shopping at Lowe's and it's just not that fun for them.

So, I am trying a new approach. Usually we don't allow our kids to take their toys when we go places. Those transformers are expensive! But now I have made a bag for each of them especially for when we are out in the community. They fit pretty well into my huge purse for such occasions.
Each bag cost $5. However, you could probably do it for free if you made your own drawstring bag and filled them with things you already have. Everything is from Dollar Tree and includes...

$2 pencil cases x 2
$1 magnetic books (pkg of 2)
$1 mini wipe-off circus coloring books (pkg of 3)
$1 Lightening McQueen crayons (pkg of 3)
$1 cars (pkg of 6)
$1 books (pkg of 2)
$2 pez dispensers x 2
$1 super hero treats (bunch in a pkg)
= $10 for 2 bags! Plus extra treats, books, crayons, etc to refill!

What do you do to keep little ones well-behaved and entertained?

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