Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Feeding Kids

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Anyone else get confused with all the parenting philosophies out there? I do! This used to be an big concern for me when it came to feeding my kids.

Some parents let their kids eat pizza, cheetos and soda pop for dinner. Other parents insist on having no treats, only wholesome, organic foods. Their kids can't be excused until they'd eaten every last bite. I try to take a moderate approach.

A while ago I took my son to a dietition. As she looked over what he was eating, she complimented me. She told me she thinks I am doing a good job offering a variety of foods and not forcing. What a relief!

Then she told me the biggest problem most parents have is they don't understand their role in feeding their kids. This is important and I hope it helps you, like it did me... Your job as a parent is to decided what foods are offered and when. Your child's job is to decide if they will eat and how much. Keep this simple but logical information in mind and you will do great!

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