Saturday, June 4, 2011

Music Party

The music party was a hit! We all had a good time and I learned a few things along the way...

1. Tone down the birthday baking... sugar cookies, cupcakes, and cake? A little much!
2. Choose one easy take-home. The sugar cookies had headers, the party favors had notes attached, and the cupcakes had toppers. This made for a lot of printing, cutting, taping and stapling.
3. Don't rely on your helper too much. The hubby had a little fender-bender before the party. So, he wasn't able to help set up (in fact the table and decor was in the car). He also missed the first part of the party. He was in charge of music.

Planning ahead paid off because we were able to improvise and have a good time. Actually, I think the birthday boy would have been happy just eating cookies and playing in the sandbox.

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