Friday, August 26, 2011

Botanical Gallery Wall

This was a pretty easy project. First I gathered a bunch of old frames I'm no longer using. Then I picked artwork and sized it to fit my frames. Most of the art is from Graphics Fairy. There are a few custom pieces... more on that later. Next I had my husband spray paint my frames white and filled them with the art.
To make sure the placement was just right, I made paper templates of each frame, with spots marked for where nails should go. I hung them on the wall with tape until I got it right. I nailed right into the paper. Then tore the paper down and hung up my art.

If you have a bunch of un-used frames I highly recommend this project. It really only cost me $3 for spray paint. I already had the frames, paper, and printer. This can be adapted to your style.

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  1. There you go! I wish I was as organized as you and buckled down to redoing my house room by room. Give me a tutorial on this!


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