Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Paint Matching

Our living room has vaulted ceilings. There were HUGE holes in the walls when we moved in. They used serious bolts to hang their pictures. Rather than rent scaffolding or struggle on a latter, I wanted to match the paint color and just touch up the holes.

This is not an easy thing to do! First I tried one sample of paint off a spot that was falling off anyway. The color turned out too dark. So, I found a spot that was a slightly lighter color of paint than the rest of the room. I think they had touched something up there. I had my husband take that sample into Home Depot and it matched perfectly! I was so excited. This saved me so much time and money!


  1. How do you take in a sample. I wish I knew how to fix some of the stuff on my walls

  2. Our first sample was a chip that was coming off anyway. The second time I found an inconspicuous place on the wall and cut a circle out with a razor blade (patched it up later with spackle). Try not to go too deep and choose a nice flat area. A piece the size of a quarter is best.

    Just take the piece in to the paint counter and ask them to color match. We went to Home Depot. They only charge $3 for a color sample. It's pretty small (8 oz) and only comes in a flat finish. Then if you like it, you can take the bottle in (it has a barcode that gives them the formula again). Then have them mix more in the right finish.

    The little sample was enough for the holes in our living room. Since the finish was already flat it worked great. We will probably have them mix some more for the other rooms with the same color.

  3. Thanks, maybe I'll give that a try.


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