Saturday, December 24, 2011

Lego Party

Every year, while preparing for Christmas, I also prepare for my son's birthday. This year he turned 5!

We had our first "friend party". There were 14 little boys running around our house that day. I've decided that was too many. Unless you plan on watching a movie for most of the time, it's just too hard to keep their attention for an hour and a half. So, next year... less kids, less time, less structured games.

For the decor, I got a banner from the dollar store, some balloons and a few signs that said "Party" to put around the house and on the door. I put curled ribbon and legos on the table.

There are tons of creative decorating ideas out there, like stacking boxes and such. With Christmas so close, I just didn't make the time.

The cake was made using a bread pan and mini muffin tins. Very simple! I saw the idea for the cupcakes with edible legos on-line somewhere. I found the edible legos at our local grocery store in the bulk candy bins. They actually stack too!

I'm sure there are lot's of cute ideas out there. However, we just made traditional party favors with goodies from the dollar store in basic Lego colors... pretend watches, ring pops, play dough, stickers, crayons... I did make a little coloring book with Lego guys I found on the internet that said "thanks for coming" in the Lego font.

We adapted traditional party games to play. For example we played "Put the Lego on the Stack" instead of "Pin the Tail on the Donkey" and "Lego, Lego, Build it" instead of "Duck, Duck, Goose".

I made the silhouette of a Lego guy to color the kids' own faces and outfits on as they arrived. We also tossed Legos into bowls to see who could get the most. One idea we used from the internet (sorry I didn't keep the links) was to have each kid take a turn stacking a Lego until it fell over.

Honestly, none of the games kept the 5-year-olds' attention very long. I would recommend buying a bunch of Legos and letting them free play then watching a Lego movie.

I designed my own Lego invitation. The LegoThick font I found here really came in handy.

Merry Christmas, Everyone!


  1. Ohh love that! Your blog is fabulous! I'll defiantly be coming back for more!


  2. What is the name of the grocery store where you found the lego candy? I can't find it and have been searching. Thanks!

  3. It's just a local grocery store, part of associated foods. I've seen it at other associated food stores too.

  4. you can find the lego candy on amazon. Tastes almost like sweetarts

  5. Well done. Where did you get so many copies of the magazine?


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