Monday, January 2, 2012

Family Rules

This is what I made today, along with a chart for each boy where I can cross off lost privileges and tally time outs. Anyone interested in these icons as individual jpgs?

UPDATE: Thanks for your interest in the rules. Here is a link to the whole chart. Here are the individual jpgs: red talk nice, red treat, red mean words, red no treats, orange touch softly, orange be with others, orange mean touches, orange be alone, green talk it out, green be with others, green tantrums, green be alone, blue share, blue play with toys, blue take away, blue lose toys, purple lose tv, purple disobey, purple tv time, purple obey.


  1. There's no talk it out green pic on the individual jpgs.

  2. Thanks, Anonymous. This is the correct link:

  3. do you still have this file available? maybe the icons at least?


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