Monday, March 19, 2012

Mouse Wrist Support Tutorial

Ok, so I'm pretty sure I have my wrist support upside down in the photo. Please forgive me. I've actually been using a pair of socks rolled up for my wrist support for quite a while. So, I'm still new to this. Anyway, if you use a computer quite a bit you need some kind of wrist support or your wrist will get really sore like mine.
Here's how I made mine. You may want to make a removable cover to go over this also.
1. Gather your supplies: fabric, scissors, needle, thread, and lintels.
2. Cut 2 identical bean shapes out of your fabric (mine is about 8 inches by 5 inches).
3. Place wrong sides out and sew all along the edge, leaving a little opening for filling. I used my sewing machine. Cut notches.
4. Turn right side out. Fill with lintels. I used a piece of paper like a funnel to fill mine.
5. Sew up the opening.
6. Use the other way... I think. Whatever is comfortable I guess! :)

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