Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Enjoy this Moment

I am an extremely goal oriented person. I like to have a plan and be on course for accomplishing my goals. Unfortunately this makes it really hard for me to enjoy each moment. So, I just made myself this little reminder:

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I've always dreamed of being a mother of young children and looked forward to it for so long. So, sometimes I stop a moment and try to burn a memory into my mind as I watch my sweet husband with our baby girl, look at my 2 little boys play together, or listen to the funny things they say... Just feeling happy for life.

Here comes that goal-oriented part of me...

I'm trying to do this more by: 
1. Reading Articles: Where You Need to Live by Jon Acuff, Drops of Awesome by Daring Young Mom, Always in the Middle by Dieter F. Uchtdorf and scriptures to stay focused.
2. Continuing to do "Activities": Each day from 12-2pm I do something with the kids. It can be as simple as playing outside, going to the dollar store, making cupcakes, playing legos, etc. I need to remember to use this time to interact with the kids (not just being "there").
3. Journaling: I try to write a page in each child's journal each month about what they do and say, how they've grown, how I feel about them, etc. I've gotten behind and I'm not keeping notes like I need to.

What do you do to keep yourself "in the middle" or "enjoying the moment"?

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