Friday, May 17, 2013

Robot Birthday Cake Tutorial

I can't believe it's almost been one year since my little guy turned 3! I thought it was probably time to finish sharing the details from his party. :)

So, today I'm sharing a tutorial on how I made his robot cake. It was a big hit and pretty simple too!

1. Purchase a cake mix, vanilla frosting, twinkies, & some candies. You may also need food dye, a candle, and a cake decorating bag or plastic bag cut on the corner.
2. Bake a regular 9 x 13 cake & one cupcake.
3. After the cake is cooled, cut it into 4ths.
4. On the plate you will be serving your cake on, carefully & evenly layer the cake pieces, with frosting between each layer.
5. Frost your layered cake. I used gray frosting I mixed myself with a little blue & orange.
6. Frost 2 twinkies and attach them to either side for arms. I used yellow frosting for this.
7. Frost 2 twinkies and place them on the plate, against the cake for the legs. Mine are mostly red food dye with a little bit of yellow.
8. Frost your cupcake and place it on the top for the head. I mixed turquoise frosting with mostly blue food dye and a hint of green.
9. Now decorate with your candies & frosting.
10. Serve & enjoy.

Check back soon for the complete party details! You can find my robot party printables here.

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