Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Gardening & Parenting

I took a break from the room makeover last week to plant our garden before it is too late. We built this little raised bed and my helper and I planted all kinds of yummy vegetables. We will see if anything grows.

This got me thinking how important it is to take time from our projects and spend time doing things as a family. I like how the Slow Family Living site encourages this.

We are taking a parenting class so I will try to post a few tips I learn each week. Last week I learned that you should only work on changing one behavior at a time and it takes one month for each year old your child is to change. Boy am I glad to be starting with a 3 year old that can change behavior in 3 months versus a 17 year old! This doesn't mean it is awful the entire time. It just means they will push you until they see you're serious, do well for a while, then test again...for that many months.

The other thing I learned is I need to be better at listening to my kids rather than always giving instruction and commands. There are tips on listening on the Slow Family Living site too. We are going again tonight so I will post more tips soon.

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