Monday, June 7, 2010


I feel like I have a list a mile long of unfinished projects. Eeek! So, I have decided to FOCUS this month on finishing the "master" bedroom. You still call it the master bedroom, even if it is pretty small and not so masterful, right? I have already finished some of the projects for the bedroom.I am really happy with how the night-stands turned out. My husband's parents gave us two sturdy night-stands for our first Christmas as a married couple. They have held up well and matched our other furniture. Now that I decided to paint the other furniture, I wanted these to match with the same paint color & new hardware. It was easy and rewarding. Any how-to questions?


  1. The after looks like a totally different night stand! Do tell what you did and what kind of paint you used. I have a coffee table that I want to fix up. It's painted black right now but I bought it at a yard sale and I think after it sat in the sun all day it made the paint sticky. Tell me the secret to painting furniture and it not be sticky!!

  2. Thanks. I needed to hear it. When I showed my husband I said "doesn't that look so much nicer and cleaner?" He said, "I liked it the same as before". That was not the response I was looking for.

    Here are instructions on painting the furniture. I am not sure why yours is so sticky. I have noticed that things seem sticky when--they are still a little damp, my paint is high gloss, or I use spray paint. Usually the stickiness goes away after a little while. I still notice it a little if I have something sitting in the same spot for a long time and I try to move it. However, I haven't had it take the paint off or anything.

    A little stickiness might be part of painting things. But, you are probably on the right track with it getting more sticky after sitting in the sun. You could try sealing it with lacquer. I hope that helps.


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