Saturday, July 10, 2010

A Month of Kids

I have been enjoying chatting about decorating so much, I almost forgot it was July. A new month for me means a new goal. So this month I am going to FOCUS on kids projects. I have plenty of ideas in store so hopefully even if you don't have kids you will find some good gift ideas and project inspiration.First I am going to finish some projects I started ages ago. Then I am going to make some gifts. Last I am going to do some new things. The largest project I have in store is inspired by this playhouse from homemade by jill, sprinkled with a little bit of this tent idea from 2 little hooligans.


  1. I want those tents to go over our desks. It would be so cool!

  2. Then you could open it when you want to talk and close it when you need to focus.


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