Monday, August 2, 2010

File Folder Feature

Remember when I made that shape file folder game? Well, the sweet ladies over at Or so she says... gave me the opportunity to be featured by showing how to make one. So, hop over to their blog and learn how to make a file folder game.

Plus, I designed a special game, just for them. It is free for personal use. To download it, go here for the solid crayons and here for the ones with names.P.S. It's my hubby's birthday. Since we are going out of town to celebrate next weekend, I haven't bought him anything, yet. Any suggestions on how to make it special without spending a lot of money?


  1. For fathers day for my hubby I wasn't allowed to spend any money. I reserached his family tree on ancestory dot com. I used the free month trial and in two evenings I had a bunch of info filled in. He loved it!

  2. Beth -- That is an awesome gift! My mother-in-law & father-in-law would really love that. It is perfect because they already have everything they need. I will have to try that for Christmas. Thank you.

  3. Great game! I offer free printable file folder games at my website


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