Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Get to Work

We have a small two bedroom house and it seems to be getting smaller. I felt like the solution was we need to move to a bigger house. I would still like to get a bigger house. But then I remembered I need to be happy where I am at! Who knows whether we will move soon or not?So I have decided to try my hardest to make the best of my current situation. Who better to help me clean and de-clutter than the FlyLady? She has a great way of cleaning and de-cluttering and keeping it that way. It works like a charm, as long as I get to work and keep working!My favorite cleaning solution right now is baking soda. Use it instead of comet, ajax, etc. It feels good to clean with something you could eat. I learned this tip from my friend over at Tiffany Kay Designs.

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