Monday, August 23, 2010

Cindy's Baby Shower

Last Thursday I threw my sister a baby shower. I had so much fun planning it. After 3 boys she is now expecting a baby girl. Yay! Check out the invite I designed here.Before I started planning, I looked for inspiration. This and this are some of the things that I loved most. I made a banner, with instructions here. It didn't turn out quite as I had planned. I was going to have the sweet on a higher string and baby on a lower one with socks, onsies, and a dress hung between each letter. It turns out hanging paper from a clothes line doesn't work so well and I think my line needed to be tighter. Anyway, with a little improvising this is how it turned out.I pretty much stuck to the menu I planned here. It was pretty tasty but by the end of the two-hour open-house, the carmel on the marshmallows was a little dry and the strawberries were not as fresh. Next time I would consider using glass covers for my desserts or planning a menu that will stay fresh longer.

Find instructions on making the baby-food jar flower arrangements and candleholders here. I think the flowers added a lot. The candles were great to set the mood. I wish I had made more or had the party a little earlier. By 9:00 it was pretty dark. We turned on the patio light but next time I have a party outside, I will pay more attention to lighting.Everyone loved the party favors. There is a link to the instructions on this post. I asked most of the guests to take some favors to their kids because I really over-estimated. I am always worried about running out of food. I think my mom is right, for most gatherings, you can expect the one-third of the guests you invited to come.

I wish I had taken some photos of the whole yard before the guests arrived. It was really beautiful with the chairs and puff balls I hung. My friend's yard has so many great shade trees and lot's of privacy. It is perfect for parties.

For more party tips go here. I am still not a really great party planner but it was still a lot of fun. I learned more for next time!

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  1. Wow the shower looks like it turned out great! Thanks btw for finding me and commenting the other day. I really appreciate it! Becky

  2. Very cute! I'm getting ready to throw my SIL a shower next month...I can't wait. Love the inspiration!

  3. mmmm ok, I'm officially suffering from a sweet tooth right now. They all look fabulous!

  4. Adorable!! i have a few friends I want to throw showers for {um, as soon as they get pregnant!!} and love all the great ideas!! Great job on everything!

  5. How lucky for her to get a girl finally! The entire set-up looks amazing!!!

  6. I have loved watching things come together. It looks like it was really nice. My sister in law will be having a shower in a couple of months and I have been excited to plan from looking at your ideas!


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