Saturday, August 21, 2010

Finishing Touch: Signs

Details make a party extra special so I made some signs. They are a great way to avoid confusion. This also works great if you have food that needs explaining. For example, if you have different kinds of pie or blue cheese and ranch dressing.These signs were just printed on colored paper. I rounded the corners and punched holes at the top and threaded ribbon through the holes. The friend who let us use her beautiful yard has two posts in front of her house with lanterns on them. That's where I hung them. I was going to hang some puff balls (sort of like the ones on the chairs) from them too but I ran out of time.I always hate it when there are things that can be recycled at gatherings but no one knows or takes the time to sort so I decided to make labels for the garbage and recycling. I will post party pictures Monday.

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