Saturday, September 4, 2010

Playhouse: Grass & Fireplace

I am going to have grass at the bottom all the way around the playhouse so I started by doing this on the side I wanted to make my fireplace on. Now I am debating whether I should have done the fireplace first. It's kind of tricky having things inside and outside the playhouse because you don't want your stitches to interfere with the design on the other side.For the grass I cut a 2-inch tall strip of green felt the legnth of one side of my playhouse. Then I cut 1-inch strips every 1/2 inch or so. You could cut your strips after you sew it on too. I don't know which is easier. Last I sewed my strip to the bottom of the playhouse, first doing a straight stitch, then a zig-zag.For the fireplace, you will need brown felt, scissors, black fabric, templates for the flames and log, and iron-on sheets or yellow, orange, & gray felt.Cut your flames and log out of your iron-on sheets or felt using your templates. The iron-on sheets weren't quite as tall as I wanted my flames so I used two sheets. To give you an idea of size, the orange flames are close to 12 x 12 inches.Cut a piece of black fabric to fit behind your flames. Mine is 20 x 18.5. Iron your flames and log onto the black or sew them if you are using felt.Cut strips of brown felt to create a mantle. Mine are 2 x 17.5 for the bottom, 3 x 17.5 for the sides, and about 5 x 26 for the top.The last step for the fireplace is sewing it all together. I placed everything as I wanted it, pinned like crazy, and sewed it together. Keep in mind, this is for my 3-year-old he doesn't care if my stitches are straight, so why should I ?


  1. You have such fun ideas! The playhouse is going to turn-out so cute!

  2. Thanks for your confidence, Alyson. I hope it turns out nice since it is going to take so long.

  3. I forgot to add this link. That is where I first got the idea to add the fireplace. I like how she put a spot for a family picture above it. I bought some of that clear stuff but ran out of room at the top for the picture holder.


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