Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Make It and Love It

Surely you have been to the Make It and Love It blog. It's one of the first blogs that got me searching the internet for crafty creations. Today I stopped by, looked at the 9930 followers on the sidebar and thought "Seriously! Is this blog really that cool?"
After looking at this delicious peach pie (lovely photo eeh?)...
...and this make your own maternity band tutorial...

...yes. I guess it is just that cool. Not to mention this gal has been blogging for a few years and always seems to have some new project to share.

Ever get looking at other blogs and feel like you need to kick things up a notch? Sorry I have been a bit lazy on the projects lately! I promise to have some more cool things to share in the next couple months. Dates work well for me. So I will have the kids room done by December 1 and the playhouse done for Christmas. Deal?

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