Thursday, February 17, 2011

Candy Games for Kids

I thought I would share a couple of my favorite activities to do with treats growing up. Mostly we played these at parties. I thought it would be fun to play some of these as a family though.
First, Fruit Loop necklaces are great for younger kids. Buy licorice whips and string Fruit Loops on them. Then tie the ends to make an edible necklace. Image from here.
Next bob for Lifesavers. This was fun when we got a little older but younger kids could still probably do it. Poor a mound of flour on a plate and place a lifesaver on top. The goal is to get the Livesaver off with only your mouth. Image from here.
There are a lot of different versions of the candy bar game. Basically you take turns rolling dice, when you get doubles, you get to pick a candy bar. If you want to keep going after everyone has a candy bar you can steal or trade when you get doubles.

Another alternative of this game is wrapping the candy bars up in newspaper and putting them in a box full of scraps of newspaper. When you roll doubles, you have to put on gloves, hat, and scarf. Then you dig through the box to find a candy bar and try to unwrap it before someone else rolls doubles. Image from here.
Here's a new game I found from the Or so she says... blog. They pick up as many M&M's as they can with a straw. Image from here.

So go have some fun playing with your food! Have you ever played these games or do you have any others to add?

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