Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Family Time Schedule

I have been wanting to get on a good schedule for years... You know a balanced day where I play with the kids, get work done, and keep the house clean. It's never works. So rather than schedule every moment of my day I thought maybe I would just plan one thing a day. The most important thing is family so that is what I want to focus on...getting the kids out and spending time together.

Monday - Family Night (lesson, games, & treat or other special activity)
Tuesday - Library Day
Wednesday - Story Night & Free Play (whatever the kids want... toys, wrestle, hide-n-seek)
Thursday - Playdate &/or Park (weather permitting)
Friday - Shopping & Craft Day
Saturday - Movie Night
Sunday - Church & Family History (color a picture, write in a journal or look at photos)

My goal is to make each day a little more fun and special for my family. What do you think? Any suggestions?


  1. Such a good idea, I love it! And does it really work?:)

  2. So far not so good. Our lives are kind of turned upside down right now with a new job, starting a business, selling our house, moving... Hopefully we will be able to settle into a route again soon. I'll keep you up-dated on how it goes then.


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