Thursday, March 10, 2011

Creative Under-the-Bed Storage

Recently at the thrift store I have seen a few dressers missing a drawer. They are pretty cheap but I think why would I want a dresser missing a drawer? It would be too hard to make one to match, for sure!
Thanks to Marcy Penner, I know what to do with one of those dressers (if I can find one now, isn't that how it goes?). Use the drawers for storage! This is a much prettier alternative to those ugly plastic boxes we have under there right now. I could use any drawer that would fit. All I would need is casters, paint, and hardware. Want to try this too?


  1. I love this idea. Your's look wonderful. Whenever I try to make something that requires screws I end up drilling the holes too big or deep or in the slightly wrong place. Your work looks great!
    Any tips for me?

  2. I can't take credit for these beauties, although I wish I could! Marcy is a very talented gal. As for screws, I usually have my hubby do mine. I think they are one of those things that you have to measure really well and start out a little smaller than you think. I am not super good with precision so that's why my hubby likes to take over!


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