Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Paint Colors

I needed a little distraction today from worrying about selling, buying, moving, jobs... So, I decided to think about what I am excited for A NEW HOUSE! Granted we haven't found one yet and that will change everything. For example if our 4-year-old's room is in a basement I may not want such a dark gray color or if there are wood floors the colors will need to look nice with the wood color.
I need some feedback. What do you think of these paint colors as a starting point for the new place? Is it weird that I want different paint colors for almost every room?


  1. Love it how you want to spice things up. My whole house is white walls in every room, and I hate it.

  2. I think as long as your overall palette is consistent (and it is!) then the more color the better! We thought painting the whole condo one color would be a good idea, but we were so blued out after a month or two. Having color keeps it fresh and makes each room it's own individual place.

  3. Those are pretty! My favorite is the office/guest room.


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