Monday, January 7, 2013

Nativity Set Refresh

I bought this really pretty nativity set as a teenager. It was really simple... Joseph, Mary, Jesus and 2 sheep. I loved that it was all white and I even glazed it and had someone fire it myself.

Sadly about a year ago my husband broke it while taking down the Christmas decor. He felt awful and so did I. It is one of those irreplaceable things.

I can't believe how expensive nativity sets are to buy, especially the pretty ones. So here is my solution. I bought this cheap set at the thrift store for $5. Add a can of semi-gloss ivory spray paint... Voila!

Not quite as lovely as my last set, but Christmas wouldn't have been the same without a nativity. I love that you can use this idea for any crazy nativity set you find. The ivory paint unifies it and makes it fit into any decor.

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  1. I like the white set better than the gold set.....simply beautiful!


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