Friday, February 1, 2013

Choosing a Family-Friendly Sofa

Forgive me while I complain for a moment or just skip down for tips. :) I'm really bugged by my sofa right now. It reminds me of the money mistakes we made as newlyweds...

1. We thought we needed a new sofa & loveseat set because our thrift store ones weren't "good enough". Plus, my sister & her husband just bought one and it looked so nice.
2. We were convinced we needed to build our credit. So, we put it on 90-days same as cash.
3. We had to get micro-fiber because it was all the rage, cleans up great, everyone loves it!

Silly newly weds! Wrong, wrong, wrong. You don't need a new sofa. Save your money and pay cash. Do your research. Shop around!

Ok. I'm done yelling at myself. So, let me give you tips on choosing a family-friendly sofa.

1. Don't get micofiber, microfleece... whatever they are calling it these days. Yes, you can clean the dirt and spills of easily... BUT it leaves water rings all over the place. Also, when they start to wear, the fleecy stuff wears off and leaves a dark wear area.
2. Pay cash! Make yourself save up.
3. Take your time and do your research. Ask friends and family, look it up on-line. Research and shopping around will benefit you in the long-run.
4. Consider well-fitting slip-covers. I really like the idea of Ikea's slipcovered sofas because you can remove them and wash them. They aren't your usual saggy slip-covers because they are designed for their sofas.

So, now for me several years later... The structure of our set is in great shape (although not the style I'd pick today). We don't have a cash to buy a new set. Instead we are shopping around for some well-fitting slipcovers. Making my own like the set above would be great!

I have too many unfinished project to take that on today. Here's my favorite today by Wayfair from I'll post new living room pics when the decision is final.

What have you learned about choosing a sofa? What is your favorite... slipcovers like me, leather maybe?

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  1. Oh how I hear you on the microfiber. I hate ours. Leather for us next know, in like 10 years! haha. :) You are brave to even think about sewing a whole cover-that make me shake in my boots just thinking about that!


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