Sunday, February 10, 2013

Robot Birthday Party Favors

Hi Friends! A while ago I threw my little guy a robot party. There are tons of great robot party ideas out there! It was a lot of fun putting together all the best ideas for his special day.

These are the favors I made for the party. I got the original idea from here. However, after I priced out all the goodies I would need for a bunch of kids I knew I needed to adapt the idea to fit my budget.

So, here is my adaptation. The great thing is, you can use this concept with whatever fun things you can find. For example, this gal added googley eyes.

1. Gather your supplies:
• Boxes of snaps, juice boxes or other fun things for bodies
• Now and laters, starbursts, or other goodies for heads
• Tootsie rolls, laffy taffy or other fun things for arms (2 each)
• Tape, scissors, permanent marker, alumium foil, & glue gun
"Thanks for Coming" printable
2. Wrap your head treat in aluminum foil like a present & draw a face using your marker.
3. Wrap "Thanks for Coming" printable around the "body".
4. Attach the head and arms to the body using hot glue.
5. Be creative, repeat, and have fun with it. Kids love to help with this!

More on our robot party coming soon!

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