Thursday, December 1, 2016

#LIGHTtheWORLD: Free Printable Service Ornaments

One of the neatest things about participating in the #LIGHTtheWORLD initiative was seeing what other designers did with the same challenge. I was lucky to get a sneak peek of 8 great kits.

I was immediately drawn to Neisha Sykes kit. The colors are so fun, the typography is beautiful, and her photos are perfect! Check it out on the Redheaded Hostess's site or Hang a Ribbon on the Moon.

I knew I wanted to use the kit. But, wasn't sure how to fit it into my schedule. Saturday my family was getting ready to head over to my parent's house to help. Suddenly, I realized I don't have to schedule a special service project, I can make a service we already do a little more fun for my kids instead!

Before we left I told my kids that we were going to do something special that day. Each of them could color an ornament. Then, they should look for something they could do to help and leave their ornament after they finish the project.

We decided to keep it a surprise and let grandpa and grandma find the ornaments without pointing out the service. The kids were really excited and all wore their Santa hats! (This cute little guy just got braces Monday.)

As soon as we got there, my kids were looking around for things to do. My 7-year-old found some old fruit in a basket. He threw it away and excitedly asked if he could leave his ornament. Of course! Everything "counts", big or small!

My 9-year-old went outside to play. After a while, he came in and asked where he should leave his ornament for raking leaves. We decided to hang it on the front door (looks like it needs a coat of paint.. another day!). I wish I would have taken time to tie a ribbon around the top, like Neisha suggested. That would be cute!

Our 5-year-old helped decorate the tree. Decorating the house was one of the fun projects we got to do, even though grandpa was quite particular about how it should be done. ;)

So, after all was said and done, my kids enjoyed helping a little more Saturday than usual. Success! But, guess what? To my surprise so did I!

Sometimes when I go help my parents I leave feeling like I didn't accomplish anything. They are getting into their late 70s and there's always way more to do than can ever be done. But, this time I left some ornaments around the house too. It was fun for me to look around and see that I had in fact made progress!

We had so much fun with this, I decided to print off enough for all the kids in our neighborhood to do at our church's Christmas party this Friday.

I hope you will take time to serve and pass along some adorable ornaments Neisha designed, along with some holiday cheer. Download her service kit here and check out more ideas on the Redheaded Hostess's site. Happy Worldwide Day of Service!!


  1. I'm sure your parents are having fun finding the ornaments you left behind!

    1. I hope so! I thought it would be fun for them. :)


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