Thursday, December 8, 2016

#LIGHTtheWORLD Teacher Christmas Gift with Free Printables

I wanted a useful, inexpensive Christmas gift for my kids' teachers. So, I ordered some pretty lip balm. I thought it would be cute, along with some candy kisses with a "Merry 'Kiss'mas" tag.

I was getting ready to put the bags together tonight when I thought, wait a minute, why am I the one doing all this? Wouldn't a gift mean more if it actually came from my kids? Then, I remembered this adorable thank you card printable kit Melissa Esplin designed for the #LIGHTtheWORLD service initiative.

So, I printed out her cute little flat cards, gave my kids a pen and told them to write their teachers a note or draw a picture. She also has printable cards that fold in half, ones with lines for young kids, and coordinating envelopes... all free!

I think they turned out cute. My daughter had a lot of fun with it. The boys didn't have the best attitude. But, I think it's good for them to show their appreciation anyway. I hope their teachers enjoy their notes!

Since Melissa's design is so pretty, I wanted the "Merry 'Kiss'mas" tag to coordinate with the card. So, I designed one with a little bough to tie them together, even though they don't look so lovely with the bags I grabbed at Walmart. ;)

I decided to offer the FREE TAG DOWNLOAD for you, in case you decide to do the same thing. Just print it out, cut on the faint lines and attach to some kisses or lip balm for an inexpensive gift!

Download Melissa's lovely printables, including the thank you cards and this art piece, at or hop over to Lolly Jane to see her kit and two other free printable kits!


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    1. You're welcome and thank YOU for sharing your beautiful designs!


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