Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Shared Boy Nursery & Girl Toddler Room - DIY Budget

Hi everyone! I can't believe it's been so long since I posted anything... eek! Sorry about that. I started a new job in January and I've let a lot of other things slide. So, I'll make up for it this week with 2 posts including a free printable (coming Friday).

Until then, I decided it's about time I shared my DIY nursery-toddler room. My baby is a year old after all!

This room was a lot of fun. But, a bit challenging to combine a boy and girl's room. I tried to solve this by using  a lot of yellow, white, and teal with pink on my daughter's side of the room.

My goal was to spend the least amount possible. But, still have a room I was excited to put a newborn in. One way I saved was by re-using things I already had, like the banners & garland from my daughter's nursery and fabric I had on hand to make a pillowcase.

Above the changing table I did a shared gallery area. I used some prints from when my boys were little, a pretty crewel flower piece I got at the thrift store a while ago, and some free printables I found on-line. I already had the frames. Some just needed painted white. So, I didn't need to buy anything here.

I always worry about putting anything too heavy over cribs and beds... What if there's an earthquake and it falls? So, I designed this banner to coordinate with the nursery. I attached each letter with two tiny clothes pins. I will probably list this for sale in my shop if there is interest?

I painted the wooden dresser aqua and suddenly loved it so much more. The frame on top is another free printable I found on-line. I was going to buy some new hardware for this dresser. But, decided to go through my stash. I found these handles from a dresser I re-did. So, I painted them white and sanded them a little. Big savings there!

The bifold doors & wreath behind my daughter's bed are 2 of my favorite things. My neighbor was going to throw these doors out. But, I rescued them. I didn't have any yellow paint. But, I did have a little bottle of yellow craft (acrylic paint) and some white interior paint. I mixed the two to make this pale yellow color. I had my husband screw it into the wall really well.

I made this wreath with a foam wreath-base and felt. Making all those flowers was a lot of fun. My daughter was excited to see me making something for her. It helped lessen the blow of sharing a room with her baby brother. (She REALLY wanted a sister!)

I hope my kids' shared boy nursery and girl bedroom has given you some ideas on decorating on a budget. I'll be back Friday with that printable, as promised.

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