Friday, August 3, 2012

Baby Girl Shower

Here are some images from the baby girl shower for my friends. It was a fun party! Miss you Mandi & Sarah!

I designed the clothes-line banner to coordinate with the shower invites.

The shower was right after work so I made these super easy barbecue chicken sandwiches ahead of time. The mini fruit pizzas were a big hit too. The pretty quiche and pasta salad were brought by my co-workers. Yum!

It was fun to set the table with my pretty dishes. If there are only a few guests, it's worth the extra effort of washing dishes. I also designed custom napkin rings with each guest's name and look-alike doll.

After giving them their gifts & baby shoes, the rest of the night was spent making some special things for the guests of honor to take home. We used clips, felt, ribbons, crocheted flowers, hot-glue, scissors & thread to make hair clips.

We also made "Baby Prediction Books". These turned out fun! We cut images from magazines and drew to create what we thought each baby would look like. Then we added our predictions... weight, date, temperament, favorite foods... How close did we come?

This shower inspired me to create a printable baby girl shower that I'm now selling on etsy. I'll share one more project from this then reveal all the details.

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